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At Desert Serenity Sober Living, we strive to provide a structured, safe and dignified sober environment that assists in promoting a solid foundation in recovery. It is our mission to help and direct our guests towards personal growth, long term sobriety and a self supporting lifestyle. Supporting each others recovery journey in a communal living family like environment is encouraged. Desert Serenity has 3 bedrooms with 6 beds, 2 beds to a room for account
ability. There is a Head of House/House Manager who lives on-site. We are located in beautiful North La Quinta, California walking distance from public transportation, 12 step meetings, local businesses/job opportunities and scenic hiking trails. Contact us today to schedule a tour.


Acceptance Criteria

*Males aged eighteen and over.
*Must be willing and motivated to participate actively in Alcoholics Anonymous.
*Must be in recovery from alcoholism or drug dependency.
*Must be sober and chemically free for a minimum of 30 days, or a direct transfer from a recognized recovery setting.
*Must be willing and able to hold a full time/part time job.
*Must be mentally and physically capable of meeting personal needs.
*Must be able to meet all financial obligations of Desert Serenity.
*Must commit to participating fully and positively in the mutual family living environment of Desert Serenity.

Therapy Session

"No personal calamity is so crushing that something true and great can't be made of it."

Bill W



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